Using our data management platform, Lotame, advertisers can create niche audience segments using data collected from multiple sites and target the most recent and most relevant audience groups across any device.

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We’ve partnered with the only independent Data Management Platform (DMP) on the market – Lotame. Essentially, a DMP is a powerful marketing engine that collects online user data from a range of different sources, normalizes it, and creates fully customized audience segments for targeting. Lotame’s independence means that it can send audiences to absolutely any activation channel – SSPs, DSPs, CMS, and any other acronym you can think of. 

Data shared by Lotame’s clients is stored in the Lotame Data Exchange, and with it being the largest global data exchange, the targeting capabilities are mind-blowing.  This means that an advertiser or publisher can take their own unique browsers, their first-party data, and extend it with a rich supply of third party data collected by other providers. Not only does this extend the reach of your own core users with act-alike and look-alike users from across the Internet, it also enables you to gain a deeper understanding of them too. The insights gained from DMP-built audiences are unparalleled to any other kind of ad technology. Lotame enables you to harness demographic and behavioural data without compromising the privacy of the user.

As an advertiser, power your campaigns with comprehensive audience data; as a publisher, generate revenue from users beyond your own inventory.


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