365 Digital is an end-to-end publisher solutions company that provides publishers superior monetization channels and technology while offering advertisers and agencies access to bespoke advertising opportunities and marketplaces of premium ad inventory.

365 Digital are able to provide clients and agencies bespoke solutions which include site specific sponsorships/takeovers and high impact rich media ad units.

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Private Marketplace

365 Digital's Programmatic Private Marketplace (PMP), our industry-leading local marketplace that offers Trading Desks, Agencies and Advertisers Programmatic access to premium South African publishers. 

A PMP is where inventory is bought and sold programmatically, in exclusive, brand-safe environments.

Publisher Portfolio


The city goes from zero to 100 in a split second, and they move along with it.

947 reflects the lifestyle of an upwardly mobile, increasingly black audience. Boasting a listenership with the highest average household income in Gauteng, they deliver unparalleled purchasing power to advertisers.

947 connects to the city through a mix of popular contemporary hits, larger-than-life personalities and epic omni-channel experiences. Their audience is bold and sassy, trendy and fun. They are brand-conscious, materialistic, and highly receptive to both traditional and digital advertising.  

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The 702 Listener

Much like our talent, the 702 listener is confident, forthright and knowledgeable. The audience is predominantly black and increasingly younger with a racial mix that is representative of Gauteng's LSM 8+ market.

This affluent audience has the highest average house hold income, and rate of employment and self-employment amongst all Gauteng radio stations.

They are ambitious, intensely focused, future-driven doers with a high propensity for entrepreneurship - with over two thirds having aspirations to own their own businesses at some point.


The KFM Listener

Tuned into this positive energy and passion, KFM reflects the spirit of the Western Cape.

Through authentic, influential personalities, great music and inspiring creativity, they connect with a lucrative audience.

KFM’s audience is a premium and upwardly mobile market, boasting listeners with house hold income and employment levels ranking way above population norms.

KFM’s racial mix of listeners is the most representative of the province.

Cape Talk

The CapeTalk Listener

CapeTalk draws together a principled audience with purpose. These are active citizens who do not shy away from issues affecting their communities. They buckle down and get involved.

They are in the prime of their life and have an appreciation for the finer things in life, with the means to enjoy them. Quality is important to them, starting from the brands they consume to the relationships they build.

They are concerned with their health and fitness, and display high incidences of regular exercise and diet planning. 


With a truly independent approach to journalism, EWN has positioned itself as one of the most credible newsrooms in the country.

The integrity of the organization and its journalists have resulted in a powerful voice with a national audience across radio and digital. 

EWN has always stayed ahead of the curve by incorporating the right digital channels to reach our ever growing audiences.

Right time. Right Place. Right Content. Right Medium. 


Sharenet is the most accessed financial and investment site in the country, serving in excess of 5 mill impressions per month to over 135 000 unique users.

Sharent delivers a wide range of investment information and operates its own highly sophisticated proprietary developed online trading infrastructure.

Sharenet's is a sophisticated trading network that links specific financial products with specific customers assisting them in every aspect of the management of their investments as well as enabling them to effect financial transactions online.

Sharenet is a technology focussed company, yet we believe in customer orientated development above all else. This approach is made possible through the intimate relationships we manage with our customers on our own site.


iafrica.com prides itself in its ability to generate and publish quality content that attracts a broad local and international user base. 

We offer an independent voice - an unbiased news source with a South African perspective on happenings around the world, in Africa and within our own borders. From the Southernmost major city in Africa, we reach out to our loyal and growing market, from ambitious millennials to accomplished executives.  

Our comprehensive and carefully curated content provides a current, informative and contemporary base for our online platform. Our content includes local and international news, sports and business, Lifestyle, Travel, Entertainment, Technology, and Motoring - all featured on our Homepage.  


Types of deals:

Guaranteed buys

Here we arrange a pre-negotiated fixed price deal between publisher and advertiser for a fixed number of impressions.

Preferred deals

Here we arrange a pre-negotiated fixed price deal between publisher and advertiser for a variable number of impressions.

Private Auction

This is a private or invitation-only auction between select publishers and buyers with a pre-negotiated pricing floor.

Open Auction

This is a public auction in which any eligible buyer can participate.

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We also offer advertisers the opportunity to advertise to gamers with in-game adverts.


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